Labor Compliance?  Check!

The only payroll, tax, and human resources software built by employment attorneys to automate your labor operations and compliance.


Companies needlessly lose thousands of dollars each year, defending and paying liability for employment-related lawsuits and audits.

Let Forework provide your business with peace of mind. We monitor compliance for every segment and aspect of your operations and, when problems arise, we provide counsel to minimize exposure to legal risks.


Key Features

Smart and custom employment technology

Custom software, built from the ground up, to solve and streamline all employment and compliance challenges.

Leading employment law and human resources experts

Supporting your business through the entire personnel and human resources lifecycle.

Mobile applications to streamline employment matters

Providing employees and managers access to key forms and policies and timeclocks on the go.

About Us

Smart payroll and tax software, with decades of labor attorney experience built in, for maximum protection.


Forework’s suite of integrated employment technologies and services enables businesses to outsource all aspects of their personnel-related obligations.

Industries We Serve

Forework concentrates on industries with high complexity.

In addition to standard employment requirements, home care providers must comply with sensitive sleep and break-time rules for 24-hour caregivers. Forework’s team of home health experts are intimately familiar with nuanced employment requirements for home care providers and are ready to assist clients in this industry with all their labor and employment needs.

With an overlay of complicated federal and state compensation laws, ensuring that workers in various financial institutions are classified correctly is critical for financial institutions. Our team of employment experts knows and understands the unique needs of financial services firms and provides an array of services to support their compliant operations.

Educational institutions, for-profit and non-profit, are subject to extensive government regulation and regulatory oversight. We alleviate the labor and employment-related obligations of Boards, Administrators, Superintendents, and other school officials.

We directly address the vast and unique issues affecting retailers, from predictable scheduling laws to state-specific leave laws, and overtime exemptions. Forework works to ensure you are covered at all times.

Focus on the mission, and outsource the day-to-day and employment tasks to Forwork. We will ensure that your policies and procedures are in compliance, that your employees and contractors are paid properly, and that any human resources-related tasks are handled.

Manufacturers face a number of personnel-related challenges and, oftentimes, the first-line managers are simply not equipped to handle them. Forework represents all types of manufacturers and assists them with every aspect of their employment and personnel needs. Let us work with your company also, and alleviate your employment-related obligations.

From prevailing wage requirements to union contract enforcement, Forework is on top of it all. We work with construction employers on all matters affecting their workforce, to ensure labor issues do not stand in the way of getting the job done on time.

Businesses in the professional services category need assistance to handle day-to-day onboarding, payroll processing, tax filing, and employee leave needs. That is where Forework comes in. And to address rare, but potentially costly, employee situations, Forework is there.

The labor laws and regulations are perhaps the hardest and most cumbersome in the restaurant and hospitality industries. From compliance with tip credits and allowances, Forework works with employers from day one to ensure every step of the labor “side of the house” is compliant and efficient.