Time and Attendance Management

Effective and compliant management
of your employees’ work time

Built by wage and hour law attorneys, Forework’s time and labor management allows employers to track employee’s location and work time, and correctly calculate their wages in view of all federal and State-specific regulatory requirements.

Outsourced Human Resources Support, Any Time

Forework’s Employment Concierge Service provides outsourced human resources support and counsel to busy employers. We begin our relationship with new clients by getting to know them, their work culture, their people, and their business. We perform a human resource diagnostic, a “check-up,” of the client’s personnel policies and procedures. Then, we provide our new clients with a new or revised employee handbook to meet their specific business and industry needs.

Forework serves as the “outside” contracted human resources support that is always available by phone to help clients with occasional labor and employment needs. employment problems. We do not replace your human resources team, we supplement it! Whether business wants to just check-in or have a sounding board for sensitive employment issues, receive advice on large company-wide projects (e.g., new compensation system), or just discuss a particularly sensitive termination of a key employee, Forework’s dedicated employment expert will be the client’s partner in that endeavor, every step of the way.

Forework’s Concierge service provides unlimited employment and human resources expert support. No hours’ limitations. Just pure support.

Legal Updates and Alerts

As part of the Concierge service, Forework’s clients also receive all the benefits of the Forework Work Law Subscription, such as updates concerning all personnel laws and regulations that may impact their business and operations and reminders about important deadlines (e.g., minimum wage increases, effective dates for new paid sick leave laws).

Training is Included

As part of the Employment Concierge service, clients will also receive monthly training programs and webinars on key labor and employment topics, from leading human resources and employment law experts. Forework’s employment training programs are designed around our clients’ industries and the specific employment issues in those industries.

The Price

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