Employee Assistance Program

Support for your employees.
Let them know you care.

An Employee Assistance Program lets employees know that their employer cares about them. Forework works with employees directly to ensure that they are engaged, invested in your business, and content all-around. Content employees are great employees. Invest in their wellbeing with an Employee Assistance Program.

When individuals are struggling at work or at home, they cannot function well at work or anywhere else in their life. An Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary, confidential counseling and work support system for your employees.

Whether it’s grief counseling, work burnout, assistance planning to buy the employee’s first home or pay off a mortgage, or assistance with immigration visas or a divorce, there are many services that Forework can provide to help ease your employee’s worries.

Managers want to help their employees be the best that they can be, but often do not have the tools to do so. Forework can come in at that time, and offer assistance to an employee, for whatever life’s challenges might be at issue. With an Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”), managers can refer employees that they know or suspect are struggling with something. While participation is voluntary, at least offering the support of an EAP to an employee sends a strong message to the employee of caring and support.

In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to show employees genuine attention and care. Nothing shows employees that their employer cares than support and understanding during a difficult time, or a challenge.

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