Why Choose Forework? 

At Forework, we combine sophisticated payroll  technology with the AI-powered knowledge and experience of real employment attorneys. In turn, Forework clients have peace of mind, knowing that their exposure to expensive labor lawsuits is eliminated by Forework.  Learn why hundreds of businesses have left large, national, payroll vendors and turned to Forework to solve their labor challenges (and prevent new ones). 

Trust Forework to Keep you in



Built by employment attorneys, our system guarantees compliance, or you don’t pay for any resulting liability. No other company provides that guarantee!

Built by employment attorneys, with checks and balances automated into the system. 

Actual knowledge of legal payroll requirements. We don’t ask you to tell us how to pay your people (like all the other payroll providers). Instead, we tell you the minimum legal standards and let you choose the option that works best for you.



From single-employee businesses, to large enterprises, Forework’s payroll and HR software can be as expansive or as simple as clients need it to be for their unique operations. 

With five decades of technology and experience, clients can design their customizable payroll system to be what they need it to be.

Industry-specific features, for those special wage and labor rules applicable to specific employers.

We know the law, and let you decide how and when to work the labor laws to your advantage.


Personalized Support



Same support team, from beginning of the relationship until the end. 

No overseas call centers. All clients work with US-based employees and attorneys for their needs.

We speak the language of our clients. Our multi-lingual staff supports clients in the language that they are comfortable speaking in, to minimize room for error.

Frequently asked questions

We know that changing any system can be a daunting, time-consuming, project.  So, to make your decision making process easier, here are some top questions we receive from prospective clients, and our responses. 

Changing any software is inconvenient, but our clients constantly tell us they are so glad that they switched to Forework!  As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know” and while your payroll process might be functioning fine, most business owners are not aware that how they’ve set up payroll is not compliant with the law.  This means that the business is a “sitting duck” to an expensive, time-consuming and potentially embarrassing labor audit or lawsuit.  Employees these days have so many resources at their disposal.  If your business is not in 100% compliance, it’s only a matter of time before it is in legal trouble.  Why worry about this possibility?  Eliminate the risk and worry, and give your payroll to the real experts on labor laws. 

We currently run payroll for 35,000 employees per week. 

Forework has clients in all industries, from healthcare, to educational institutions, professional offices, manufacturing, and hospitality. As most business owners know, many labor laws are industry-specific. Our attorneys and payroll experts are sensitive to these industry-specific rules and ensure that your labor operations are always in compliance.

All 50 States. Forework cannot process payroll for employees taxed under non-US tax systems.

Five years, but our payroll and tax software is built on the UKG (what was known as Kronos) platform. UKG’s technology has been around for almost 50 years and is supported by 10,000 software engineers who upgrade and maintain the technology.

We look to onboard new clients within 45-60 days. Plus, we do the transition of the data for new clients, making their transition easy! Our engineers will work with new clients to move all their payroll data onto Forework’s system. We do require about 2 weeks’ time to train a new client’s payroll team on the new system. We also do “parallel” payrolls with a client’s current payroll system, to ensure all the data in Forework’s system is “matching up” with the data in the current payroll system. Then, when a new client goes “live” with Forework, our account managers will work with the client’s staff for 3 payroll cycles to make sure that the client’s payroll team feels comfortable and can do the payroll independently.

We work with new clients to preserve that data in accordance with record retention requirements of all applicable laws.

A client’s team would be made up of no more than 3 people for day-to-day issues that come up with payroll or human resources. It is always the same 3 individuals who know the client’s business, and their “pain points.” Clients do not get shuffled around to overseas call centers or unknown individuals; they always work with the same known team that has been with them since day 1 of sales and onboarding.

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