Covered Employers Must Update their EEOC Poster

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has updated the mandatory jobsite poster “Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal.”  The EEOC laws apply to employers with 15 or more employees.

The June 27, 2023 version of the EEOC’s poster includes the latest employee protections under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The EEOC Know Your Rights poster summarizes the Federal laws prohibiting job discrimination based on a host of factors including retaliation or litigation activities. The poster also informs workers how they can file complaints if they feel they have experienced discriminatory practices.

While the laws requiring the EEOC posting do not indicate a deadline for updating it at your workplace, employers are urged to “display the new one within a reasonable amount of time” according to the EEOC Poster FAQs.