Specialized Employment Services

Project-Based Support for
Specific HR Needs.

For companies that seek to outsource some portion of their HR functions, Forework provides temporary or long-term assistance to ensure your bases are always covered. 

Forework provides project-based assistance to employers with specific employment matters, such as:

Employee Leave of Absence Tracking and Compliance

For employers who need assistance with any issues regarding employee leaves of absence, Forework is the outsourced employee leave supervisor. Forework’s experts help employers identify whether and when to provide family and medical leave or disability-related leaves of absence, and Forework ensures that employers follow all the laws and procedural requirements of providing such leaves to their employees. Forework will track the absence and help guide employers concerning reinstatement of employees on leave.

Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance

Forework can serve as a company’s FMLA manager, by interacting directly with employees who need leave, overseeing the medical certification process for FMLA, filing any necessary paperwork for State paid family leave programs, interacting with employees who are returning to work from FMLA, and tracking the dates of leave. Forework will also ensure that proper written policies are in place and that companies know which employees need what time off and assess eligibility for FMLA.

Workers’ Compensation

Forework’s experts guide employers concerning employee injuries, assist employers in filling out any workers’ compensation-required paperwork, train employees on avoidance of occupational injuries, assist monitor employees’ leave from work and reinstatement, help implement any light-duty arrangements, and counsel employers who may need to terminate employees on workers’ compensation leave.

Unemployment Insurance

Forework works with employers to minimize the frequency of unemployment filings, assists employers with responding to initial unemployment insurance claims, prepares letters to the unemployment insurance board, trains managers and supervisors regarding testimony at unemployment insurance hearings, and counsels employers regarding terminations.

Manager Training

Whether it’s training regarding personal liability for harassment claims, or training regarding general supervision of employees, Forework helps employers train their first-level supervisors who may not have adequate managerial experience supervising employees. Forework’s trainings are designed to not only teach managers to manage people, but also how to manage the employer’s business and avoid employment-related liability.

Wage and Hour Self-Audit

Forework helps employers determine whether they are classifying their 1099 workers properly as independent contractors, and whether their W-2 staff is properly classified as exempt versus non-exempt. These types of studies can assist employers in avoiding significant Department of Labor penalties and expensive litigation.

Employee Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training

Forework can provide in-person or virtual sexual harassment and anti-discrimination training to employees. Many training programs “check the box” but do not actually move the needle towards a compliant harassment-free work environment. Forework’s programs were designed by legal counsel who defend businesses against harassment and discrimination claims, and provide plenty of real examples during the training, to maximize employee learning.


Prices vary depending on the project, time demands, and location of the work. Please give Forework a call at 1-83-forework or email hello@forework.com to discuss your specific project and to obtain a quote.

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