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The number of laws that regulate employee relations is overwhelming. Changes are constant. Business owners and HR professionals just want to focus on day-to-day business issues. But it’s too costly to ignore the mandates and new employment rules.

Employment Policies and Procedure Updates

Forework’s Work Law Subscription service provides clients with regular employee policy and handbook updates, ensuring that clients’ employee policies and procedures are always in compliance with legal requirements as the law and regulations change.

Business owners and operators are busy, so it’s easy to overlook a new law or rule. With Forework’s Work Law Subscription, employers are alerted to key legal changes immediately, so that employers understand what has changed and why it matters to their business. And to ensure that employers maintain their legal compliance, Forework will create an updated policy and issue it automatically to the employer for distribution to employees. For clients enrolled in Forework’s payroll service, the updated policy and procedure will be automatically distributed to all employees on the employer’s payroll.

Employment-Related Updates, News Alerts

Work Law Subscription clients will receive exclusive articles and insights concerning employment matters that may impact their industry and business. Forework provides legal alerts and updates as they arise so that employers do not have to worry about missing anything important and can, instead, focus on running their businesses.

Human Resources Support and Consulting

The Work Law Subscription also provides subscribers with up to 1 hour of human resources support each month, for any unexpected or workplace issues that employers may wish to discuss. Whether it’s a simple question about adjusting pay schedules or a discussion about a potential termination that must occur immediately, Forework is available for its clients at any time. Calls are scheduled by emailing or texting the client’s designated employment law expert.

The Price

Please give us a call if you have any questions about this service, or simply fill out the form below to sign up. The Work Law Subscription costs $375/month, and it requires a one-year subscription.


  • Regular employee policy and handbook updates
  • Exclusive articles and insights, delivered by email
  • 1 hour of human resources support each month

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